Available for lounge and patio only

Lunch and dinner menu available in our lounge and patio only. Prices subject to applicable taxes. 18% gratuity added to groups of eight or more.

Rodizio (All You Can Eat) Menu

Available for second floor only


PICANHA (Top sirloin cap seasoned with kosher salt)
ALCATRA COM BACON (Bacon wrapped sirloin)**
COXA DE FRANGO (Chicken drumsticks seasoned with chef’s spices)
FILÉ DE COSTELA (Ribeye seasoned with kosher salt)**
LOMBO DE PORCO (Pork loin in a Chef’s marinade)
COSTELA DE PORCO (Pork ribs in a Chef’s BBQ sauce)**
ALCATRA (Top sirloin in a Chef’s marinade)
FRALDINHA (Flank steak in a Chef’s marinade)**
FRANGO COM BACON (Bacon wrapped chicken breast)**
LINGUIÇA (Spice chorizo pork sausage and farmer sausage)
CORDEIRO (Lamb shoulder in a rosemary garlic mint marinade)**
MAMINHA (Tri-tip steak seasoned with kosher salt)**
ASA DE FRANGO (Chicken wings in a honey soy marinade)
ADD Salmon filet $8 or ADD Tune filet $10


POLENTA (Deep fried polenta with tomato sauce)
PÃO DE QUEIJO (Bread cheese balls)**
BATATA FRITA (French fries)
PURÊ DE BATATA (Garlic mashed potatoes)**
ARROZ BRANCO (White rice)
FEIJOADA (Black bean stew with pork and beef)
MACAXEIRA FRITA (Fried cassava root)
ROASTED POTATOES (Yukon potatoes and sweet potatoes)**


BRAZILIAN SALAD (Tomatoes, cucumbers, heart of palm, and greens in a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing)
CHICKPEA SALAD (mixed with celery, onions, garlic, mustard, olive oil topped with parsley)
CAESAR SALAD (Romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with house Caesar dressing)
KALE AND BROCCOLI SALAD (Radishes and red onion in a Chef’s dressing)**
FEATURE SIDE (Ask your server for today option)**
SAUCE TRIO (BBQ, chimichurri and horseradish)
BRAZILIAN EXPERIENCE (farofa and vinaigrette)

Only the above “Meat Selection” and “Sides” are included in your meal price.

*Special price (let your server know) **Available at dinner only.

Prices subject to applicable taxes. 18% gratuity added to groups of eight or more.

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